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from Patty:
Correa Art Tutorials

from Linda Kopec

Joe Mural - reflections on water


from Margaret:

16 advanced-acrylic-pour-techniques


Reverse flower dip with napkin - Acrylic pouring technique


Turn your photos into art: from Vida:
Turn your photos into art

Record Videos (not for Apple):

Cards:  all Infinity or Endless
6 different cards 

More detail in how it works 



How To:
Capture Light:

From Linda Kopec - about 20 min. each
Capture Light

Capture light

Carrot People: from Patty McRory - google Bob Blast

Opus Art Supplies: from Patty McRory
Opus Videos

Water, Beach and Ocean Scenes:  from Linda Kopec:

See and paint waterfalls.  

Ripples on almost still water

Joe Mural - acrylic 

Joe Mural - Breaking waves 


Value, light direction, brushes, colours Watercolour 

How to Draw Sea Foam

Zentangle: from Patty McRory - google it.



Artefacto - international e-learning platform for creative minds. Provides many free online videos in various mediums.

Marketing Art:
Not instructional but how a husband and wife create and market their art and not giving up.

Rafi was Here Studios

From Linda Kopec
The birth of pastel | Getty Iris


Plein Air Pastel Painting with Susan Kuznitsky 15 min.

from Linda Kopec:
Colour in Photography - why it is used; when and where it is used.

Color-grading in photography

from Patty

Rick Surowicz
Paul Clark

from Margaret
Handprint - everything watercolour

Melinda Wilde Christmas Card

from Vida
Pink Lily demo

Website Creation:
From Linda Kopec - This guy is very good and this video was uploaded Jan 4 so it is up to date and relevant.
3 Simple Steps

WordPress Website

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