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Brenda Gail Pon

Brenda Gail Pon is a Cree Metis artist whose heritage includes

Chinese, Irish and Scottish. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta,

her early years were strongly influenced by both her Chinese and

Metis kin. She has been on a creative journey throughout her life.

In 2011 Brenda and her husband Morley spent their first winter on

Vancouver Island. They loved the island life so much that they decided

to buy a home in 2013. Living in Nanaimo has greatly influenced her art.

Many of her works express her love of nature. Her favourite walks

include the big trees of the old growth forest at Cathedral Grove

and the rocky coastal beaches of Pacific Rim Park.

The subject matter of Brenda’s art ranges from Metis culture and

traditions to nature and landscapes. The themes can be ethereal

and motivated by her dreams and visions. Although she mainly

paints acrylic mixed media she sometimes chooses watercolour,

acrylics or oils depending on the subject matter.

Brenda continues to learn and develop her skills.

For her, art is like meditation....

“I feel clean and whole afterward.”

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